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What Do We Do?

Innovate -❯ Disrupt -❯ Transform

These are the three words that best describes the spirit of our organization. We are a team of smart, energetic and experienced professionals, who have collectively spent more than 80 yrs in software development, technology solutions, product innovation and building successful businesses. We are here to go beyond the traditional solutions to solving your business problems in an unique and innovative way.

Our Technology:

3rd.Life’s expertise in software services, business consulting and providing technology solutions across industries, backed by its expert team with proven experience across platforms, applications and tools, makes it a preferred partner for organizations looking for cutting edge innovative solutions that can integrate their industry specific business process to reach newer heights in terms of productivity and customer service.

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Our Innovation:

As one of the boutique IT companies of India, 3rd.Life specializes in innovating unique products for you, thereby transforming your business, and disrupting or creating a mark in your specific industry. Our customized products are built in a way that understands the exact needs of your firm and its clients and the highly intuitive software services provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for all managerial or operation processes for you right from the starting point till the end. Our 'Beyond Solutions' philosophy helps us to not only center ourselves around our core belief of providing the best techno-industry specific solutions, but also to provide high quality support services and mobile solutions that is tailor-made to suit your firm and its specific requirements.

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Our Ventures:

As an organization that believes in innovation, we aim to support and thereby fund any potential start-ups that are unique and that looks to have what it takes to disrupt and transform businesses.

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Our Products

Fintech Products



A fully hosted, cost-effective SWIFT Accredited messaging system for sending and receiving SWIFT transactions by banks, providing the triple benefit of lowered TCO, direct SWIFT connection and enriched product capabilities.
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A Generic Automated Real-Time E-mail/SMS notification mobility solution used primarily by banks to send SWIFT accredited messages and also by other businesses to notify customers/clients about any and every important business update.
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Seamless is a browser-based, core banking independent, highly flexible and configurable anti-money laundering software solution for Banks that screens both inward and outward cross border remittances.
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Legal Products



A custom made, easy-to-use, legal case management software solution that helps you assign and manage multiple cases, track user specific tasks, organize documents and court schedules, automate time and billing and much more!
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IPR Soft
IPR Soft is a customized enterprise resource planning software solution for legal firms to efficiently protect and handle intellectual property cases, covering Patents, Trademark, Copyright and Industrial Design.
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Matrix is a smart, simple and affordable workflow automation management solution designed for micro and small sized organizations, which aims to provide easy, point-and-click workflow automation for streamlining manual and paper-based processes.
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Software Development and Technology Solutions

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