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What is Advocate Care?

AdvoCare is a custom made, easy-to-use, case management software that helps you assign and manage multiple cases, track user specific activities and sub-tasks, organize case documents and court schedules, automate time and billing, incorporate checks & balances, generate reports and coordinate communication between all users and clients - and all this from any device, anywhere! It is the most intuitive legal case management software that practically manages everything in a law firm, leaving advocates to do what they are best at - Practice Law!

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Common Challenges in Legal Practice:

Legal Case Management recently has grown and become extremely specialized and complex. Multiple lawyers and advocates handling multiple cases from departments/branch offices spread over multiple countries reflect a usual modern law firm. Synchronous information flow between all members belonging to various levels and geographical locations, and Seamless Technology Automation in legal activities and billing to cater to today's technologically advanced, knowledgeable and demanding clientele who look for quick response and fast results, is crucial for success. A customized legal practice management software that understands these challenges and handles your firm's specific requirements is thus indispensable in managing a profitable law practice!

Our Customized Solutions

AdvoCare is your very own personalized case management software that understands the unique needs of your firm and its clients and organizes and manages everything for you, so that you as an advocate or a partner have more time and mind space to practice law. The highly intuitive online legal software provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for all managerial processes right from when a case comes in and is assigned till it is closed. Our Beyond Solutions philosophy helps us to not only center ourselves around our core belief of providing the best techno-legal solutions, but also to provide high quality support services that is tailor-made to suit your firm and its specific requirements.

What AdvoCare does for you?

  • Works on both mobile and desktop platforms and is readily accessible from anywhere anytime
  • Organizes and manages critical client contacts and case information on one easy-to-use platform
  • Assigns and reassigns cases to multiple advocates defining user types/levels and providing varied access and activity controls
  • Defines instruction flow network between partners, legal heads, advocates and interns and creates and closes instructions to a particular member. Also stores instructions issued by client
  • Creates activities and sub-activities for all processes , all members and tracks and records submitted activities casewise
  • Defines billing rates, bills hours quickly and accurately, creates invoices and automates time and billing entries
  • Coordinates two-way communication between users and sends secured and encrypted messages to clients
  • Helps advocates stay organized and on schedule through shareable calendars, instructions, notifications for events, court hearings, etc
  • Generates high quality firm reports with easy one-click data analysis for case, client, batch, advocate-wise complex report generation
  • Provides 'Beyond Solutions' added modules like HR, Finance, etc for end-to-end solutions for your law firm