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IPR Soft

- A mini-ERP for all Intellectual Property needs

What is IPR Soft?

IPR care is a customized enterprise resource planning software for legal firms to efficiently protect and handle intellectual property cases, covering Patents, Trademark, Copyright and Industrial Design. Skilled as an ERP system, the product covers right from establishing basic policies and procedures for intellectual property protection to administration & invoicing; from setting reminders for cases to bringing together all users under one technology platform.

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Common Challenges in Legal Practice:

Intellectual Property Rights firms' operate in an environment of stiff competition. Error free transactions, quality service and strict adherence to timelines are operational necessities. Lack of a well-planned enterprise software system results in the dismantle of intellectual property cases. In addition, client satisfaction and a rewarding relationship with the associate ensure its continuous growth. Embracing a paperless automation system that is cost effective and requires least implementation is an absolute necessity for today's modern IP Law firms. <

Our Customized Solutions - User Features

IPR Soft’s user features in the fields of Patent, Copyright, Trademark and Industrial Design includes:

Patent: Exclusive right granted to a person who invents any new, useful and non-obvious process, machine, articles of manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvements.

  • Patent Filing Domestic (First filing, national phase PCT filing, convention filing, Divisional filing, patent of addition
    • Patient Filing International Indian PCT
    • PCT with Priority
    • PCT without Priority Foreign PCT
    • PCT without Priority
  • Amendment
  • Publication
  • Prosecution
  • Patent Grant
  • Litigation (Opposition, Hearing, Appeal, Revocation)
  • Maintenance
  • Patents of Addition & Division of Application

Trademarks: Exclusive right granted to a commercial organization that is involved in the open market trading of one or more article(s) that bears an exclusive mark on it.

  • Filing Trade Mark Registration
  • Trade Mark Registration (India)
  • Prosecution of Trademark
  • Opposition of Trade Mark
    • Opposition where associate is opponent
    • Opposition where associate’s client is opponent
  • Correction & Duplication of Trademark Registration Certificate
  • Trade Mark: Division of Application
  • Renewal of Registered Trade Mark
  • Assignment / Merger / Acquisition of a Registered Trade Mark
  • Rectification & Correction of Registered Mark

Copyright: A set of exclusive rights granted by a state to the creator of an original work or their assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for public disclosure of the work. This includes the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work.

  • Submission of Copyright Application at Copyright Registry Office
  • Obtaining Diary no from RO
  • Obtaining NOC from TMRO in case of Artistic Work Copyright
  • Prosecution at RO
  • Objection/Examination Report issued by RO

Industrial Design Rights: Intellectual Property that protects the visual design of objects that are not purely utilitarian. In the ERP system, an industrial design consists of the creation of a shape, configuration or composition of pattern or colour, or combination of pattern and colour n #D forms containing aesthetic value.

  • Filing
  • Prosecution
  • Opposition, Hearing
  • Issuance of Certificate
  • Renewals
  • Cancellation