Internet of Things (IoT)

What is IoT based Moneypod?

Teaching children the value of time and money at par is a tough task to accomplish. However, negotiating with them between strict timelines and strawberry candies is a futile struggle. As millennial parents, our endeavor is to provide our children with a learning benchmark when it comes to 'saving'. Old school piggy banks have almost become obsolete. In an extremely technology driven era like ours, sometimes initiating a conversation with them regarding 'saving' whilst engaging modern gadgets, for instance an electronic money bank, ideally reaps a productive output. We familiarize with the gadget-savvy inclination of children today, and hence it is advisable to turn to interesting tech-tools that engages our children in an interesting methodology. However, it is essential for us to invest in a product that not only entertains children, but also educates.

Money Pod as a contemporary child-friendly electronic piggy bank, bridges the unsteady gaps between children and their saving habits. With the help of a smart piggy bank such as Money Pod, parents, in fact, would be able to identify with their child's goals, acknowledge them and thereafter set the bar high to make them achieve the same. Engaging a child in a gripping fashion, which encourages his/her saving habit with fun and games, is the most sought after option that you would want to opt for - primarily because more than just a piggy-bank, Money Pod would be an investment on your child's knowledge that truly pays the best interest.

Money Pod serves as a novel technology tool - a customized digital piggy bank, which can bring about a qualitative change in every child's life. You would be able to bond with your child on monetary matters easily by introducing to them a digital coin bank that helps him/her grow into an economical individual in the years to come.

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