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What is seamless?

Seamless is a browser-based, core banking independent, highly flexible and configurable anti-money laundering solution for Banks that screens both inward and outward cross border remittances. In today’s world of regular bank heists characterized by high level sophisticated tech hacks, a product like SEAMLESS is the need of the hour.

Seamless is a ready-to-use plug-n-play software, which automatically scans all outbound and inbound messages as per AML check rules, and filters messages against the suspect lists provided by the International Sanction and OFAC. Suspect messages are thereby filtered and placed on the Suspect queue and requires "Manual Release" by an AML Officer. The entire reason for the message is recorded for future reference.

Seamless can be integrated with any SWIFT System messaging, Local RTGS systems and any other Internal System for ensuring highest standards of banking security.

Common Challenges in Banking Security:

The banking industry today has grown on a massive scale and become very complex with thousands of transactions being done per day at every retail branch including foreign transactions through SWIFT interfaces. With more and more money laundering threats in the financial services domain, banks are in dire need of hi-tech aml solutions that can perform advanced screening of inbound and outbound messages, filter them on the basis of all kinds of global suspect checks and block suspicious transactions till appropriate AML authorities check and undertake necessary actions.

Our Customized Solutions

SEAMLESS is an easy-to-use, fully customizable anti-money laundering solution with interactive dashboards handling various kinds of transactions and notifications, generating complex reports with just one click. Our Beyond Solutions philosophy helps us to not only center ourselves around our core belief of providing the best security solutions, but also to provide high quality support services that is tailor-made to suit your banking needs and its specific requirements.

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