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What is SurveilLens?

SurveilLens is an integrated Anti-Fraud, Risk Monitoring, Legal and Regulatory Compliance Solution for medium to large enterprises. As an advanced Risk Monitoring software, it is a comprehensive big data solution that uses all of the data of an organization to monitor and detect anomalies/fraud even before it happens. Innovative data visualization technique, reporting and risk management tools in the product, promote efficient assessments of events surrounding an anomaly and thereby notifies the organization's legal, audit or compliance teams quickly, thus ruling out possible fraud or money laundering chances. Designed on the basis of effective compliance programs and due diligence procedures prescribed by global regulators, SurveilLens aims to help clients navigate the complex world of legal, regulatory and anti-fraud compliance and reduce the time they spend on in-house investigations. As a risk monitoring software, SurveilLens can be personalized to match exact client requirements because it is an on-the-go customizable product.

SurveilLens – Proactive Risk Monitoring and Anti-Fraud Compliance

Challenges in Risk Monitoring and Anti-Fraud Compliance:

Due Diligence, Fraud Detection and Transaction Management are some of the most daunting compliance challenges that organizations need to undertake on a regular basis, globally. Risk monitoring and assessing organizational transactions and data for frauds and terrorist financing is crucial in recent times. Moreover, products, customers and risk tolerance of each organization being different and unique, the risk management and fraud detection challenge multiply against the backdrop of increased regulatory expectations Thus, a solution to the challenge is a comprehensive and intelligent fraud detection compliance product.

SurveilLens Solutions:

SurveilLens Solution includes various Modules. These are:

  • Investigation: Comprehensive case management module with role based user interface and advanced reporting capability
  • Reporting: Visual and statistical analysis tools and interactive dashboards for real-time decision making
  • Transaction Monitoring: Real time monitoring with customizable user rules and advance risk indicators along with complete audit trail.
  • Due Diligence and Network Analysis: Linkage to government watch-lists/ public records and integration of results with vendor/customer data including analysis of potentially risky relationships.
  • Risk Assessment: Preloaded qualitative and qualitative parameters to address internal and external risk factors backed with Customizable interface and Complete audit trail
  • Internal Controls: Pre-loaded controls mapped to relevant business processes and transaction monitoring results for identifying deficiencies and weaknesses
  • Policies and Procedures / Training and Certification: Hosting of polices and trainings in central location for ease of sharing, updating, accessing, tracking and auto notification.
  • Single Customer View: Any transaction, due diligence, risk score data integrated in one location.