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Mobility Services


In today's era of dynamic innovation and digital transformation, mobility lies at the very core of it all, disrupting traditional ways of doing business and recreating newer and unique modes of business growth. The use of mobile devices from merely sending business emails 10 years back, to mobilizing enterprise applications in current times, has changed the way of doing business altogether. Mobility is the central tenet around which organizations globally are building their competitive advantage, leveraging contextual data in reaching out to its customers, clients and other stakeholders.

3rd.Life Mobility Services:

As a boutique software development company, 3rd.Life's past experience in business consulting and providing technology services across industries, backed by its expert team with proven experience across platforms, applications and tools, makes it a preferred partner for organizations looking for cutting edge innovative mobility solutions that can integrate their industry specific business process with mobile technology.

Our enterprise mobility solutions and mobile app development services pro enable companies to reach newer heights in terms of productivity and customer service by making the right information available to the right person at the right time and all this through just one right click!

Our Mobility Solutions Approach:

3rd.Life's 3-pillar mobility model works on the 3 primary objectives of:
  • Increasing Client Productivity (Near/Real-time business process apps)
  • Improving Client’s Customer Experience (Maximizing customer interaction/engagement)
  • Enhancing efficiency of Client Service Delivery Network (TAT reduction)

Our Solutions:

3rd.Life's Mobility Solutions include:
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Enterprise Mobility Services
  • System Integration Services
  • Mobility Quality Assurance Service (QA)

Software Product Development


Against the backdrop of the fast changing market dynamics, altering global economies, pressures of rising costs and increase in demand for making the time-to-market aspect minimum towards gaining competitive advantage, the software product development space worldwide is poised at a very crucial juncture. The IT industry since the last few decades has been at its creative best in order to tide over the above barriers through its innovative solutions. One such innovative area that has addressed most of these challenges and has been a proven way for business growth is undoubtedly - Software Product Development

3rd.Life Software Development Services

3rd.Life specializes in all-round product development services, providing end-to-end solutions in each phase of needs assessment, system creation, production and production support, implementation and further software product releases. Our deep business insight coupled with our experience in providing product solutions across industries and our expertise across platforms, underpinned by our belief in the 'Beyond Solutions' approach to maintaining transparency, flexibility, and innovation, enables our clients to focus on their core business and assures them of robust product solutions leading to rapid revenue growth.

3rd.Life provides the following flagship services under its broader Product Development Service space.

Our Product Development Solutions:

Software Product Development:

3rd.Life’s product development services, based on its ‘Beyond Solutions’ approach, goes beyond just code creation and project delivery and encompasses the crucial function of analysis and assessing client’s business problems and goals and accurate needs assessment in order to propose and thereafter develop a cost effective solution reflecting in-depth business insight and technological expertise. 3rd.Life provides end-to-end support for product life cycle and can effectively engage in product development from any of the following phases:

  • Business Needs Assessment
  • Conceptualization and Product Ideation
  • R&D Architecture and Prototyping (If needed)
  • Product Design and Development
  • Product Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Product Release Management
  • Product Training and Support
  • Product Maintenance
  • Product Re-engineering (if required)
Software Product Maintenance:

With the emergence of newer technologies in today’s fast changing environment, business policies and practices are constantly undergoing a sea change. Against this backdrop, the biggest challenge for businesses is to keep IT at par with the changing business nature and needs. This requires regular enhancements and upgradation to existing software for maintaining the competitive edge. Hence, a software maintenance service, ranging from fixing tiny problems to incorporating new business rules, is of utmost importance.

3rd.Life's product maintenance services include:

  • Product maintenance services at both onsite & offshore
  • Bug fixing and troubleshooting
  • Bug tracking and reporting
  • Product functionality upgradation
  • R&D and new feature implementation
Software Product Re-engineering Solutions:

When existing products become obsolete with time, businesses in order to achieve their goals, needs to shift focus from product support and upgrades to product reengineering. Solutions can range from re-engineering the product to cater to wider audience profile or even to migrate to a different technology or platform.

3rd.Life provides comprehensive product re-engineering solutions including proper legacy analysis in terms of investments, applications and business logic followed by effective mining for data and technology migration assuring clients a smooth transitioning process. Our solutions include:

  • Software product re-architecture
  • Software migration
  • User interface / Technology Upgradation
  • Porting and Data Migration
  • Platform Transitions
  • Legacy System & Application Re-engineering
  • Enterprise Application Re-engineering
  • Restructuring of codes
  • Re-documentation
  • Language conversion

Custom Development


In business, a common enough phenomenon is to have a unique business need or a business problem that needs to be solved, without the necessary software being readily available in the market. When packaged solutions are not right or flexible enough for your business needs, custom application development is the way to go.

Custom Application Development Approach

3rd.Life's deep domain expertise coupled with an expert custom application development team creates innovative one-of-a-kind technology solutions that is developed as per your unique specifications and is customized to provide you with strategic benefits, product differentiation, maximum flexibility, least time to market and lastly increased competitive advantage. Our Custom Development Process Model is built on the ‘Beyond Solution’s approach, focusing on the dual elements of:

  • Scalable and Extensible Architecture that reduces risks and development cycles, supporting 24-hours business availability
  • Customized applications for reducing functional gaps in organizations making business processes both time and cost effective and goal oriented.

Benefits include:

  • Scalability & Flexibility
  • Cost Benefits
  • Application robustness
  • Application performance
  • Investment protection and Risk Mitigation

Our Custom Development Solutions

3rd.Life works on diverse platforms, languages, frameworks and technologies to custom build the specific solution that you need. Our range of expertise includes:

Programming Languages
Application Server & Framework
Search Engines

Software Support Service


Production Support, as a domain, calls for a unique blend of maturity, business insight, experience and technical finesse in its knowledge resources. More than anything, it requires technically versatile product experts who can respond quickly and with the minimum turnaround time to customer queries.

3rd.Life provides 24x7 fully equipped Production Support Services backed by the relevant technology services tools and communication facilities, in its Production Support Centre (GPSC) that is manned by highly experienced professionals.

3rd.Life Support Services:

Over the years we have built a huge knowledge repository on legacy applications, tools and utilities. We believe in building close client relationships that bring business value to both partners than just treating each client on a transactional business mode. Our ‘Beyond Solutions’ philosophy is the pivot of our Production Support Services as with all our other products and technology services. Our Production Support delivers the right help at the right time in the right way!

Why 3rd.Life?

Bundled Development and Upgrade Assistance

Not every support issue is cut-and-dry. Regardless of whether it's a bug or an implementation issue with your running application, or the need of an off shore Help desk or support portal, the problem simply needs to be resolved. Our support is available to aid you in the development, deployment, and optimization of your applications and moreover, you can also utilize us to assist you with future upgrades.

Attractive Pricing

Our support pricing is based on a per-application model - unlike per-CPU or per-server pricing offered by most commercial software vendors. Therefore, your pricing remains constant even as your production deployment grows.

Multiple Support Plan Options

Not all support needs are the same. We offer several different Production Support plans - from multiple named applications support and 2 hour response times down to a single named application with 24 hour response time. Choose the support plan that best suits your business and organization needs.


We will indemnify and defend our Production Support customers from threatened or pending legal action alleging that 3rd.Life infringes a valid patent or copyright. This mitigates the risk of entrusting your enterprise applications to open source.

QA Service


Today the IT sector is increasingly depending on effective Quality Assurance processes to ensure best and efficient IT applications. The identification of under-performing processes, code and applications enables organizations to improve business performance and ensures regulatory compliance whilst continuously improving code standards, thus being on top of the game in its journey to gain competitive advantage and achieve business goals.

3rd.Life QA Approach

Our approach specializes in driving value-adding quality assurance technology services that deliver tangible improvements back into your business applications. 3rd.Life’s structured/planned and executed testers act as a catalyst to strengthen your quality system of your IT applications.

Our clients get their products to market faster by using our Testing Labs which provides the right mix of testing and quality assurance professionals at client location, or use our cost-effective network of offshore testing centers. 3rd.Life's quality management solutions apply best practices in all phases of the systems lifecycle. Our background in software application development, quality assurance, combined with market-leading software tools and deep testing expertise, enable us to deliver end-to-end testing capabilities that help your organization achieve expertise in quality.

  • A flexible onsite/offshore delivery model tailored to meet client’s unique requirement and optimize cost benefits by more than 70%
  • Shorter test cycles and reduced time-to-market by implementing automated testing solutions
  • Effectively manage complexity of testing by leveraging proven testing methodologies and specialist skill sets
  • Enhanced quality of software applications, that reduces downtime and lifetime maintenance costs
  • A flexible staffing model that, enables rapid ramp-up/ramp-down of resources

3rd.Life QA Services:

We focus on maintaining utmost accuracy in delivering bug free, reliable, high quality software. Our bouquet of QA Services include:

  • Test Strategy management
  • Test Automation
  • Application & Infrastructure Performance Testing
  • Load & Stress Testing
  • Reliability testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Usability & Scalability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Installation and compatibility Testing

3rd.Life’s Automation Testing Life Cycle:

3rd.Life’s automation testing process cycle follows 5 phase modeling. 3rd.Life team believe on object oriented driven framework for automation testing. A team of architect design the framework and template based on domain / business requirement.

Modeling Paradigm

3rd.Life’s Performance Testing Life Cycle

The need for speed is a key factor for every software development system. Whether users are on a high speed connection or a low speed dial up modem, everyone on the Internet expects speed. With the emergence of technologies that enable e-commerce, b2b and b2c transactions, the user experience is very critical. A ystem that does not provide the kind of response a user expects would be disastrous. A bad experience can lead to user bail out.

A high performance system is a combination of high availability, low response time, high throughput and minimum resource utilization.

Thus performance testing can help in answering key questions on the system’s performance in production. Performance testing helps in setting up a system which can meet the performance objectives as defined by the stakeholders of the system.

System Analysis

Business Consulting Services


In today's times of dynamically changing market conditions characterized by cut-throat competition, the dual elements of flexibility and innovation are the key anchors for business sustainability in the long run. With the operating environment in the global context getting more and more complex, Information Technology has ceased to remain just a mere support function to organizations. The call of the day is towards focused business strategy and aligned transformation of processes and functional areas for real business reinvention towards excellence.

3rd.Life's Business Consulting Services

We at 3rd.Life measure our success in terms of the success of our clients and we help you attain this success through transformation in the areas of business strategy, function and processes. Our business consulting services aim towards assessing your past and present, analyzing your strengths, weaknesses and organizational goals, and mapping all of these towards offering business and IT consultation, that would help you increase effectiveness and improve performance at reduced cost, thereby enhancing flexibility and ensuring sustainability in the long run.

With deep business insight across industries and verticals coupled with our 'Beyond Solutions' work philosophy, we strive to offer innovative solutions that are customized to your specific business and IT challenges. Our 3-pillar consulting model is based on building the the elements of – Efficiency, Effectiveness and Innovation:

  • IT infrastructure efficiency and effectiveness improvement
  • IT Organization and Operating Model
  • IT Cost Optimization
  • Global Sourcing Transformation
  • Maximizing the value and effectiveness of enterprise solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • ERP Solutions
  • Complex Package Integration & Modernization
  • State-of-the-art technology innovation
  • Enterprise Architecture and Technology Selection
  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Infrastructure Optimization